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Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return is now available in the TaxAct® program. S. Login to your TurboTax Community account to ask questions and get answers from TurboTax support experts and customers like you. ; If you miss the April 15 th deadline, you may have to also pay IRS late fees. However, certain classes of alien employees are exempt from U. Is this correct? I have entered foreign tax paid in the US. To determine if you need to file Form 1040NR, please follow the steps below: From within your TaxAct return (Online or …A J-1 visa is for individuals who are approved to be in the US as part of a work-and-study based exchange visitor program. In the review section, it shows a (small) provincial foreign tax credit and zero federal tax credit. Social Security and Medicare taxes. If you owe the IRS money, you must file a tax return to find out how much. Social Security and Medicare taxes as follows. Resident aliens, in general, have the same liability . ) as employees are liable for U. Refunds are not issued automatically. ; Following US tax law is a requirement of your visa. Federal Form 1040NR U. Turbotax yields zero federal foreign tax credit. 美国一年一度的报税季又开始了,每年这个时候,小编就会经常收到学弟学妹的咨询,怎么报税啦、用什么报税啦、找谁帮忙报税啦等等问题铺天盖地的,不过讲真,美国报税的确麻烦!通常的纳税截止时间是每年的4月15日…Form 1040NR and Form 1040NR-EZ in TaxAct. income will lead 居民外国人(Resident Alien)报税报税范围基本与美国公民相同,不管是在美国境内还是境外取得的收入,都必须申报,税率也与美国公民相同。所以,Resident是可以使用市面上的报税软件如HR Block, TurboTax等,这些软件都有免费版请合理利用!首先要判断您的tax status,即是居民外籍人士(Resident Alien),还是非居民外籍人士(Nonresident Alien)。通常持J1签证的博士后前两年都视为Nonresident Alien。Resident Alien有两个简单判定方法: 1、持有绿卡; 2、实质居住原则:I am a Canadian living in the US on a J1 visa. If the IRS owes you money (a tax refund), you must file a tax return to get the refund. All 2015 income was in the US, and I paid US taxes. If you are present in the US on a J-1 visa, and are not a student, you are a teacher or trainee per the instructions for For8/4/2013 · The year long graduate J1 is a Trainee visa, so if you were in the US on a summer J1 in 2011 and then you went back on a graduate J1 in 2012 and it ran over into this year you likely would no longer be a non-resident alien in 2013 so you'd have to pay FICA. Failure to pay the proper tax amount on U. In general aliens performing services in the United States (U. Note this is the case even if you did not earn income on your summer J1

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